[lang_en]I have updated the UIBuilder tool and I have made for it additional static page on this blog — here

First tool that is building under UIBuilder is — advance renamer tool, about which I have posted below.

Does anyone try UIBuilder, or may be someone has an idea of the utility on which we can test UIBuilder ?


[lang_ru]Обновил редактор и сделал для него статическую страницу на этом блоге — here

Первая утилита, которую я собрал под редактором — Продвинутая утилита переименования, я ее постил ниже.

Планирую собрать еще несколько полезных утилит. Может кто сам уже пробовал использовать UIBuilder или есть идеи на чем его испробовать?


UIBuilder 0.6.5 released

2 thoughts on “UIBuilder 0.6.5 released

  • Пятница Июль 31, 2009 на 17:36
    Постоянная ссылка

    Hey neill,

    My name is Sebastien Phaneuf and I’m a programmer on the Motionbuilder tool in Montreal. I’m responsible for all things Python in MoBu. I created the new Python console in Mobu as, I exposed all our UI to python and I wrote almost all new python samples.

    I played a bit with your UIBuilder tool and I think it’s a fantastic idea! You did some great work.

    Watch out for the next version of MoBu (2010). It has a lot of new python features: documentation built-in in console, some new classes exposed to python, some tutorial on tool building and how to map shortcut to tools.

  • Понедельник Август 10, 2009 на 21:27
    Постоянная ссылка

    Thank you for visiting the website and evaluating the editor! The plugin has appeared because I need it.
    It would be interesting to develop the editor, but there are very little feedback on it. The lack of feedback makes it difficult to debug the plugin badly.
    If you are responsible for Python in MoBu, I’d like to ask you some questions:
    1 — Is it possible to make the highlighting of syntax by means of OpenReality SDK? It would be useful to event editor in UIBuilder.
    2 — Is it possible to work with Python errors when starting the script in UIBuilder?

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