Данная запись излучает добро )) Я выкладываю 18 проектов (из которых 15 плагинов и 3 небольших примера) моих с++ разработок на гит со свободной лицензией. Так что милости просим!

Список проектов:

* box_poseReader
* box_rayIntersect
* box_spring
* constraint_driven - animate properties which are non-animatable by default
* constraint_NewtonPhysics - old physics constraint based on Newton physics engine
* filter_extrapolate
* impexp_csm - character studio marker format support
* impexp_csv - optitrack text format support
* manager_AutoSave - plugin for 2009 MoBu. 
There are three features: 
	1) Auto save animation of current character to a specified folder
	2) Adding a submenu to the MoBu main menu using win api hook
	3) Key shortcuts for the FCurves window (changing keyframe tangents)
* manip_HUDext - extend funtionality of a HUD view elements
* manip_skelet - move bone pivot with affecting the heirarchy
* misc_VolumeCalculator - calculate your optical active zone in the virtual room
* tool_graphView_sample - simple own implementation of a graph view visual component based on FBView class
* tool_Hand - controls for easier fingers selection and some parametric functionality for hand animation
* tool_renderAdvance - tool to render up to 4 views in a frame
* tool_SplitStyle - example of making a splitter control between two UI regions
* tool_UIBuilder - tool for faster making a UI for c++ and python
* tool_windowsmenu_sample - sample for MoBU under 2011. using winApi for making a context menu
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