Encountered a problem when working with Visual Studio 2008 that I have collected a library does not run on another computer. Not long thinking check list of dependent libraries within my own and found there MSVCR90.dll. In general, is that without a distribution does not start.

However, it can be treated, exposed project properties – С/с++ – Code Generation – Runtime Library = Multi-threaded (/MT)

In this case, of course increase the size of the executable file, but remove the dependence of the distribution studio.

P.S. dependences of the plugin can be viewed using the Lister in the Total Commander (showed by pressing F3).

Dependency on MSVCR90.dll in VS 2008
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One thought on “Dependency on MSVCR90.dll in VS 2008

  • Tuesday April 28th, 2009 at 08:52 AM

    В случае с динамической библиотекой при работе с Express версией студии, так и не удалось избавиться от зависимых библиотек. Пришлось перейти на другой компилятор – MiniGW GCC

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