WinRar.exe can be used from the command line and this executable file is transformed into a powerful handy tool for development.
The general command line syntax:
WinRar.exe commands keys archive files
commands – a list of commands (a – to add files to archive, m – move files to archive, etc.)
keys – keys implementation a lot of useful for me
-afzip create zip archive
-ep write files without information on thier path
archive archive file (to add or to create)
files (file, folder or filter for adding files)

1) There was a situation where the exported file format xml should be placed in zip archive:
WinRar.exe m-afzip-ep info *. xml

The file name can specify a folder, then the archive will be added to all files in the folder.

2) There is also an interesting opportunity – send archive via e-mail client (protocol MAPI) immediately after the execution of operations. This can be used for example to automatically send reports on the implementation of programs, etc.
To send mail you must specify the key  -ieml [.] [Address]
In the case of indicating a point after sending the archive to the address, it will be removed.

For more information about using the command line winrar.exe you can read in the help file in the stock distribution of the winrar.

WinRar command line

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