Quite a popular cannot mocap animation, and with him in MotionBuilder fight several ways.
I want to tell about quite popular issue of the MoCap animation – feet sliding effect, and how to fix it in MotionBuilder by several ways.

First of all, through the algorithm of feet stabilization and feet contact on the floor, and of course through self-editing by hand.

1) Floor contact

It is possible to avoid the penetration of the feet on the floor, for doing this for a character just put the appropriate checkboxes. It should also be borne in mind that if the legs are shifted into the floor, then you’ll lose some movement, so you need to either raise the data (you can move the optical data model), or to correct location of the floor contact markers of the feet

floor_contact_2To active feet floor contact go through the appropriate checkbox in group Retargeting / Floor Contact in Character Settings tab of your character in the scene.


2) Feet Stabilization – Stabilization algorithm  for feet.

Has a lot of settings, and its essence is to catch the position of the legs and hold them. You could find some more information about each parameter in the MoBu help.

feetStabilization3) Use of Aux. effectors (additional)

This option is a semi-manual, because you need to identify where the most foot slides and fix it.However, from a clean result is much better and more predictable.

Video example

Fixing Feet Sliding
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