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UI Builder for Motion Builder 2009
Version 0.2 (beta)



At the moment UIBuilder works with regions. Plug-in makes it possible to divide tool’s canvas into regions. It’s very easy to do it. The source code is the result of the work with UIBuilder, which you can put into your Open Reality or Python tool.


Plugin for MotionBuilder 2009.
Plugin for MotionBuilder 7.5 ext.2.

uibuilder.dll needs to be moved to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MotionBuilder 2009\bin\win32\plugins directory (by default).
After installing plugin might to be situated in the “main menu -> Open Reality -> Tools -> UI Builder”



1 – tool layout. Here you create and manipulate with regions.
2 – main menu of this editor
3 – tool panel. At the current version, there are two modes – select (select and move, resize the regions) and region (create new regions)
4 – table of the selected region properties. It’s very usefull to make regions interconnection.
5 – navigator. List of all regions in the layout.

Editor Main menu
1) File
New – create new layout
Load – load layout
Save – save layout
Export – output layout as the source code
2) Edit
Undo – undo last action
Redo – not works yet
Select All – select all regions
Select Invert – inverse selection
Select None –
Delete – delete selected regions
3) Help
About – information about the version, author and contacts

Author: Sergey Solohin (Neill)
Site –
e-mail to:

UI Builder for MotionBuilder
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