• Light shafts start to penetrate objects. This can be solved by restarting the editor.
  • Shift + N – deselect
  • For Matinee camera it is better to import it with the density of the trajectories of at least 50-60 frames per second. It is useful to switch the track for the camera to World frame. Also switching off the displaying the trajectory of the camera in the viewport will greatly facilitate the performance of the editor.
  • Sometimes it’s not possible to assign material to the mesh in the static mesh editor. In that case you can use scene’s properties window and reassign material in rendering rollout.
  • There were problems with the calculation of lighting in the scene, was that the geometry goes out the Lightmass Important Volume. Check this please, everything should be inside the lightmass volume.
  • In the UDK for the use of nodes Uber shader effects for post processing, even if you specify Use World Settings, result image is still different in color tone. The only solution is to use a node of the UTPostProcess_PC FX_HitEffects package. Using this node in the scene color palette does not change.
  • Render to the UDK is not possible to permit greater in resolution than monitor can give. Whatever it sounds trivial, but it was not easy to determine why the UDK will not open the window size 768х1024, it was the case in the possibilities of a particular monitor, and we are not talking about full screen mode.
UDK tips
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