I have updated UI Builder Tool for MotionBuilder 2009. Now It’s better and more stable!

What’s new:
1 – added new visual components (FBTermometer, FBSlider, FBSpread, FBTree)

2 – added new properties and events for the visual component (Enabled, Hint, OnEnter, OnExit)

3 – minor interface changes, added a hint label


1 – retain the position and size changed when changing the parameters of attachment region

2 – the mistaken inclusion of the view mode when changing the parameters of attachment region

3 – ability to move an object in a situation where the regions are superimposed on each other

4 – Rename the elements of changing the name of node in the table referenced

5 – Debugging undo the last action


For MotionBuilder 2009 (32 bit) – uibuilder

UI Builder 0.6
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