This utility is based on previous tests to extract the geometry of the object, which I periodically reflected in these records

1 – Extracting actor geometry
2 – Build your own actor
3 – How to get actor’s pivots

The utility consists of two buttons:

  • duplication of the object – snapshot geometry of selected objects in the scene.
  • duplication of the hierarchy – for example, select actor’s hips and snapshot all the actor objects by pressing the button to duplicate all the hierarchy, including the preservation and transformation of the hierarchy.

An example of snapshoting actor’s hierarchy I’ve kept separately in download section, this scene can be opened in any program that supports the fbx file format.


Actor geometry (fbx file) – ActorMeshes
MotionBuilder 2009 plugin (32 bit) – tool_dublicatemesh
MotionBuilder 2010 plugin (32 bit) – tool_dublicatemesh_2010

Snapshot tool for MotionBuilder
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