I liked the idea of a new Newtek product. In fact, when we have a complex character rig, we are caching the scene (even it can be a lot of cache files for one scene). And when for renderer is required to change something , the whole operation to return to the stage below takes a lot of time, and takes away the flexibility of production. ChronoSculpt – new program allows us not to go back, and go ahead and make modifications in real time.

I was interested to know, which of Autodesk products could give the opportunity to work with cache with such flexibility and convenience as in ChronoSculpt. Maya here , unfortunately, over the cache does not do anything . You can certainly put the a copy of the mesh through the Wrap deformer and add some corrective blendshapes and deformers… but it is not flexible and productive. Of all Autodesk products for this task , I was pleased just SoftImage, it is really possible in real-time to add corrective shape. But in XSI there is a problem with the performance and the program at large caches lags and does not give the freedom to create. So well done that Newtek programmers have seen and fill that gap .

ChronoSculpt home page

Sculpture for animation
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