Unlike 3dsMax, in Maya native skin binding functionality is still inconvenient for the following reasons:

  • in Maya it’s still not possible to preserve and restore the predictable weights. But there are some greate plugins to solve this task, like ngSkinTools
  • there is no way to easily reset the binding pose. Of course there is the tool Move skinned joint tool, but it does not solve all problems. For example, the already forgotten maya muscles have the opportunity to reset the bind pose.

The second problem, actually based on the documentation, can be solved as follows:


  1. copy the model (without input deformation history)
  2. select source model joints
  3. bind the new model with selected joints
  4. Copy the weights from the original model to the new
  5. delete the original model

To perform this scenario I wrote the script.

Maya script for reseting bind pose
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