Quite a long time, just over a year, I’m working on a project with a codename MoPlugs. This expanded MoBu functionality and includes a set of 3-4 scripts and about 12 plugins.

  The project is being developed in collaboration with the canadian studio Anlanda and personally with the director Cam Christiansen. From a technical point of view, the main objective of development – the ability to produce real-time film inside MoBu. This includes areas like visualization and editing, sculpturing of geometry, 2D compositing, particle systems and alternative system of physical simulation. At work I use OpenGL 4.4 and some useful features of nVidia video cards to get from the video card better performance and image quality.

  At the moment I do not reveal the full information about this project, perhaps a little later I’ll write more about it. I would really like to see this project outside of work on a film. But this still has a long way to go.

Here are a few videos of the additions that are included in this project:

  • static geometry caching system
  • cluster lighting to work with hundreds of lights instead of standard limit only eight
  • use of logarithmic depth buffer for high accuracy and avoiding flickering (z-fighting) even at long distances
  • 2d compositing system inside Mobu
  • GPU particle system

Thank you for your attention!

MoPlugs Project
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