Starting from the 2010 version of 3dsMax fbx animation with more or less successfully you can throw on the Biped. For earlier versions of 3dsMax, this focus does not work, and you had to convert biped to bones and only after that throw up the animation. It’s not always convenient and I came across a useful macro script Bippy, which is able to convert the bones animation to the biped one. It all comes down Pipeline processing of animation to the following:

  • exporting our Biped from 3dsmax to Fbx
  • animate the skeleton in MoBu
  • import skeletal animation back in 3dsMax
  • with the utility Bippy convert skeletal animation to the Biped animation. You can then save it in *. bip and use.

Bippy can be downloaded from the developer blog Geoff Samuel here.

Fbx to 3dsMax Biped
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