Relation constraint plugin which adds two nodes:

Ray intersection beta

Determine intersection point from the ray and polygonal mesh. To the input node of the box parameters are polygonal mesh and a ray points, the output are a point of intersection and texture coordinates.
Box is in developing stage.

Sphere Coords

Node allows to translate from the cartesian coordinates system into the spherical coordinates, as well as return u, v coordinates from virtual projected sphere. Additionally, you can also specify an input object, a transformation which will be used as a coordinate reference system to calculate the spherical coordinates.


For installation use instructions from the installer. After installation, nodes can be found in the Neill3d group in Relation constraint.

Supports MotionBuilder 2011(32,64bit), MotionBuilder 2012 (64bit)



After installation you can find samples in MotionBuilder’s tutorials folder :
– test_SphereCoords.fbx
– test_RayIntersect.fbx

Ray intersection box plugin
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