I would like a very interesting news. Maybe it happened much earlier, but I noticed only recently. Perforce version control system for the team up to 20 people can be used for free – http://www.perforce.com/

And during setup process across multiple machines, I decided to try to activate its support in Mobu. In fact, there is a ready-made plugin inside Mobu, and you can activate it through the configuration file Application.txt by adding

[Version Control]
CurrentManager = Perforce
AskOnStartup = Yes

In this case, we will connect to the local Perforce server. Further, in the configuration file Perforce.txt you should enter your User name and a Workspace name. And we get to our new Mobu main menu Version Control


But on that step my knowledge of the configuration process ends. In the documentation there are a few lines about version control. Therefore, no answer to what version of perforce does MoBu support and how to specify a remote host?

Even in my case Mobu sees the database and there is a button to open the fbx file, but after clicking, nothing happens. Perhaps I have too recent version of a perforce server. I did not go further, at this stage my experiment integration with Mobu ended. If you have the answers to my questions, please write in the comments.

Perforce and MoBu Version Control
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