This topic is about my plugins for MoBu. I looked at the list of published material on the site and came to the conclusion that some of the plugins can be published with the open source.

Still closed plugins will be:

  1. Driven constraint
  2. Hand Tool
  3. HudExt

Goes to the open source:

  1. Actor geometry models
  2. Animation Blend Phases
  3. CSM (if I can find it of course)
  4. Labelator
  5. Menu Manager (relevant only to 2009 Moby inclusive)
  6. Merge takes with optical data
  7. Newton physics
  8. Pose Reader
  9. Render Advance Tool
  10. Skeleton Dragging manipulator
  11. Snapshot geometry
  12. Spring box constraint
  13. UIBuilder
  14. Volume calculator

Very soon there will be a 4 years of my blog. Last year I promised something interesting but was not able to find time for it. This year I would like to fill this gap.

A few words about MoBu plugins
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One thought on “A few words about MoBu plugins

  • Thursday October 2nd, 2014 at 10:04 PM

    Hi JD,Interesting post. I think I pretty much agree with you. Currently I work with mocap a lot, and the aoumnt of creative fulfillment is directly related to how much I end up tweaking or changing it.It will never be as fun as key-framing something from scratch, but it can be a useful tool, depending on the project.One other side note, aside from tweaking it, I have had the opportunity to suit up in the mocap suit, and the stuff I get from that is actually really fun and rewarding to work with. Again, probably because I got to make the creative/acting decisions.

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