A few notes on working with nCloth simulation in Maya.

1. External forces on the cloth.
Select nCloth mesh, then create a new force from the main menu.

Duncan’s tips:
* Note that for the radial field setup you need to toggle on “apply per vertex” on the field node.
* Make sure that the nCloth node is toggled visible in the viewport. There is a bug where fields are not evaluated the second time through when this node is hidden.

2. Don’t forget to assign texture coords to a mesh for nCloth. That will be helpful for constraining follicles (hair) based on uv.

3. nCloth constraint strength painting
Select nCloth mesh, then constraint and then activate paint tool.

Odd. Try putting the viewport in shaded mode, if it isn’t already. Also turn off high quality hardware shading if it is on.

4. There are a lot of presets in the nCloth node. They are very usefull to get a quick start.

nCloth tips
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