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1) To move window without “dropping” effect you can simply hold CTRL button.

2) The Plot option “constant key reducer” is not working (MoBu 2013), so are the gaps in the curves. This can lead to unpredictable results in third-party engines (for example, UnrealEngine). Use the optional filter – Resample. The key in each frame = confidence!

3) Use the Toes floor collision instead of the Feet floor collision.

4) To eliminate the twitch in the hands and feet you can try to use Pull effector parameter and removal trajectories on the bones of the FK joint on control rig.

5) Do not be afraid to change the hierarchy of the control rig (on the inactive elements).

6) Turn off ViewCube for better performance (if needed)

7) Assemble the window with tabs (.Txt)

8) Recalculate the rotation of the “roll” of bones – Load \ Save animation

9) Panel clip properties is in a separate tab Navigator


10) To save animation in old MoBu 2010 file format – main manu Python Tools -> FBX Export


11) X-Ray doesn’t display – tip from AREA forum (thanks to paula44)

I have this problem too, when I have two MoBu scenes opened. After I close both of them and reopen one it works perfect.

12) By default in blendshapes computation of normals are switched off. You can turn it on manually in .Application.txt config file with parameters ShapeBlendNormals and ShapeComputeNormals.

13) In chainIK constraint there is a very useful checkbox for updating chain after some chain elements transformation have been updated. By using that flag we can make a softIK, for example.


14) Don’t leave MoBu as focused and open window. It behaves not like Maya, 3dsMax, etc. MoBu is always drawing in cycle.

15) MoBu doesnt work with scene more than 2 GB. So be careful when saving your “big” scene with embeded content.

16) Learn how to work with ragdoll from video serios on AREA (thanks to KxL) – link1 and link2

17) Do you know that if you draw 3d curve on a surface, points of that curve will be attached to that surface. This doesn’t work for deformable surfaces.

18) In schematic view, focus on object operation (maya key shortcut ‘f’) will better work if objects were arranged (Arrange All operation in right mouse button context menu)

19) Tip from my Car RIG – After recording a simulation better to set Quaternion Rotation flag on collision wheels geometry to prevent too much noise after plotting

2 thoughts on “MotionBuilder tips and tricks

  • Monday March 30th, 2015 at 03:59 PM

    Hello !
    I wanted to know if you have a solution for the ” MoBu doesnt work with scene more than 2 GB” problem…
    In fact when my scene exceeds 2GB, after a save file operation, none of the takes are saved, … no story… nothing… but the file still is 2GB large….


  • Monday March 30th, 2015 at 04:33 PM


    actually you can save a file, but will not be able to open it if file exceeds 2 GB. And I don’t know a solution for that rather then not to include embed media and in that case it’s very hard to get to that limit.

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