I have tried the trial version of the MoBu 2011, it was interesting to see, what it represents in the new feature – mocap straight to the bones. It turned out that this is a normal device plug-in, which receives from the server location and rotation of the bones and write them in the appropriate channels of the bones. The difference from the same MotionBuilder 2010 that it became possible to record data in animation channel in the global coordinate system. A new method SetBufferType (bool bGlobal) allows you to switch between global and local record. By the way this innovation can be useful in the design constraints, not just devices.

It remains now to expect updates plug-ins for the transfer of the skeleton from the mocap software into MotionBuilder.

Another thing I noticed in the OR SDK, so that presence fbmath.h – mathematical functions. I wonder in which version of MoBu they appear, because I have written my own.

MotionBuilder 2011 and MoCap
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