When transferring the animation to the actor from the character should be taken into account the following important properties:

Properties are located in the navigator in the character section (double-click on the character opens its properties)

Mirror animation – Reflects the animation (you can use for any situation in which to fully reflect the current animation to the character. These can be used as in the case of an actor, and with a control rig)

Section Solving

Realistic Shoulder Solving – can automatically calculate the position of shoulder, depending on hands motion (heavy lifting hands up would not leave the shoulder fixed, just a little move it up)

Section Retargeting

Subdivision Offsets

Chest Offset T – displacement regulation of chest

Hips – regulating displacement of pelvis

Subdivision Actor

Human Limits – to take into account the established range of rotation of the bones in order to avoid unwanted excess on the character values of the rotation

Subdivision Motion Reduction

Chest Reduciton – muting the movement of chest of the source

Neck Reduction – similar to the neck

Head Reduction – head

Shoulder Reduction – shoulders

An important feature of the above four properties is that it allows for mixing between the standard of primary character animation pose and incoming MoCap. Often it saves the shoulders, which can be omitted too low, etc.

Section Floor Contacts

Feet Floor Contact – allows you to always have his feet on the floor and avoid their penetration of the floor.

MoCap. Character properties
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