I had an idea to experiment with MoCap equipment and make simple game for entertainment. Indeed, opportunities may be obtained from the same device as a Nintendo Wii console. I have built a game-like range of those that were at the Dendy console, coming complete with a pistol. The challenge to shoot a mouse in the monitor on a red square (the enemies) and do not shoot on the green (the hostages). For this game it was enough a three cameras and two rigid bodies(the gun and monitor).


The gameplay itself is in target the hand to the screen and click the mouse button as a shooting. Sight is the result of projecting the position of the hand rigid body on the monitor and displayed as a red dot. On the video it is quite clearly visible.

mocapgame_processVideo –

In future, It’s posible to build the functionality to play together and not in the shooting range, as for example in boxing or tennis. I’m interesting, anybody experimented similarly with MoCap equipment?

MoCap for entertainment
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