MCL is a Motion Code Library, a new collection of code and samples for MotionBuilder developers. You could find an uploading items on google code project –

I’m goint to upload new items from time to time and hope you will find it usefull.

Here is a small map for future upload items:

  • GraphView visual component – GraphToolsGraphView
  • PickView visual component
  • Windows context submenu – WindowsSubMenu
  • OpenGL viewport helper class – viewport, viewport_utils
  • Advance math functions and classes – math3d
  • Reading csv file format (Natural point TT export format) – csv_reader
  • simple graph, list

Also samples for MCL

  • GraphView_sample – example of a GraphView component usage
  • WindowsSubMenu_sample – example of a SubMenu component usage
  • Skeleton fitting – Manupulator plugin
  • Spring – Relation Box plugin
  • UI-Builder – Tool plugin
  • Newton constraint – constraint plugin

Feel free to write your ideas!

MCL for MotionBuilder developers
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