Official website of Lightwave, there you can also download a trial version.

It would be interesting to see their IK Boost, like how he has changed and now it is quite a handy tool. IK Boost is let’s say alternative of the Human IK (dynamic fullbody skeleton in MoBu and Maya)

As for the easy exchange of data between the packages, I did not notice some improvements, my fbx import failed … although there may still be some rules how to use fbx in lightwave, but something to me suggests that lightwave uses simply old fbx format.

But the new VPR is a really powerful thing. Now you can change the parameters of the scene and immediately view the result as a final render, even with Final Gathering. Cool!

I think lightwave moves in the right direction, let’s see what they will do with their CORE this year.

P.S. lightwave is now on Qt. This is like a general tendency for the computer graphics packages, except that 3dsMax has not passed to Qt yet.

Lightwave 10 is availible now
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