I would like to pay a little attention to the new feature of the Maya2009. This is indeed very useful and powerful tool for the rigging/animation pipeline – the containers. I felt the need for something similar when working with a large number of computational nodes. And in order for the entire set of re-use had to copy all the nodes and repeat their connections. This is terribly inconvenient, and with each step makes the scene in the dense forest. But in Maya 2009 was a very rational solution to such problems – to minimize some set of nodes, with all their internal connections to the container. This container can be reused through simple copy or import, and all incoming / outgoing connections, you can declare a very specific names, which will be convenient to work. An opportunity to create the computational power for TD. What is the most dainty of this piece, the development can now be put in parallel parts. This is stored in the proper organization is indeed a very good potential.


To cite an obvious example of the use of the above. There are three objects – a sphere and two cube. Sphere moves to a certain algorithm, presented in the form of the relationship as a functionality nodes in the figure below.


In this case, we have to use the container to make a single unit of our sphere’s solver nodes.


Commands to build and further work with the containers are in the main menu item in the “Assets”, and also they can be found in the dialog box Hypergraph in the main menu in the “container” ub-menu.

Containers in Maya 2009
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