Currently in the studio where I work, we cleaning the mocap data of dancing. It is often very tricky movements that are very hard to calculate with standard solvers and as a result, many of these could be considered as invalid for further use. But I was rescued by the good data tracking system, which I’m working on.

Here is a demonstration video

At the moment tracking system is under development and only for in-house use, but I can give some small details about it.

System works as a collection of plugins for MoBu. There is a special object for optical point cloud.

There is a possibility to make a structures for tracking and analyzing, for example rigid structures, articulated, etc. At the screenshot below you can see the articulated human structure.

My system can be converted into MoBu’s optical data and back.

It’s still under development, but even on that stage we are using that system to solve “duty” mocap data.

This is how we cleanup
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