Volume Calculator

Plugin for setup active zone for optical cameras. Plugin for Autodesk MotionBuilder.

Work with the plugin

Set the cameras with the real optical parameters (FOV) in the scene. Set the object VolumeCalculator and adjust its parameters – size of the room for capturing and cameras for calculating.

You can dispose the cameras as you want and whereever you want inside of a virtual room and calculate active zone with the help of a button Solve in VolumeCalculator properties. The task is to get the best filling of the active zone and to get the highest mark in the  parameter “Mark”.

At the moment video in russian only.

Model Properties

Length – lenght of the room (1 unit – 1cm)

Width – width of the room (1 unit – 1cm)

Height – height of the room (1 unit – 1cm)

Show room – switch room visibility

Show points – switch volume points visibility

Step – step to calculate the point of space

Min Coverage – the minimum number of cameras is to cover a point of space to be in the active zone (it’s good to be no less than 3)

Marker – test object for checking the projection the rays from cameras inside of the room.

Cameras – cameras, which are used in processing

Solve – for calculation of the inner volume

Marks – rating of the inner volume

Show zone – display active zone on the floot of the room.

Circle zone – for switching over between squeare of round zone on the floor of the room.

Zone X Offset – indent of the active zone display on the floor off the center.

Zone Z Offset – indent of the active zone display on the floor off the center.

Zone Length – display of the active zone size – length

Zone Width – display of the active zone size – width

Parameters for Optitrack V100(R2) cameras

Horizontal FOV – 46,2

Far distance plane – 700 (7 meters)

Resolution 640×480

Usage guide

  • Parameters Length, Width, Height should be set according to real numbers of the room. Cameras have difference in their horizontal orientation and vertical orientation, so do not forget to turn and twist them.
  • Display of the active zone on the floor of the room and its parameters are conventional and do not do with the active zone calculation by the plug-in. This display should be used as a supplement to understand the result of the calculation and marking of the active zone further.
  • Do not do the calculation step too short. A big number of points requires a lot of resource and may lead to crash of the programme.
  • The marker can de used for the rating of the active zone, to move it and to watch the projection rays from the cameras.
  • To feel comfortable you can set double window in MotionBuilder viewer. In one part you can switch on the display with the camera, in the other one – a perspective view on the room. The display of the active zone should be switched on only for a current camera, which you’re working with. There is additional button “Switch to Camera” to make this scenario easier. The button switches over the first view on the selected camera and switches on the display of the active zone for only this camera.


VolumeCalculator 0.72 Beta VolumeCalculator_setup_072
Supported Autodesk MotionBuilder 2010(32bit, 64bit), 2012(64bit), 2013(64bit)

VolumeCalculator 0.72 Beta VolumeCalculator_setup_07c
Supported Autodesk MotionBuilder 2009 (32,64 bit), 2010(32,64 bit), 2011 (32,64bit), 2012 (64bit)


28.01.2013 Add resolution and lens presets for Optitrack cameras.

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