Recently I wrote about the features of the FBX plug-in import and again ran into a problem when importing automatically do Key Reduction and my curve loses the keys. And it seems to be okay , but in Moby I conceived the inner loop , in Maya there was not, because the interpolation between keys trajectory ” inflated ” .

Here’s my curve in 2010 Moby









Here is my curve in Maya after import (FBX plugin latest version 2013.3 )









The solution to this problem was the following. I opened my animation in the MoBu 2014 and put all keys type Smooth Clamp. After that, Key Reduction in import did not work . Perhaps this is due to the fact that the new MoBu has native to Maya types of keys that do not require porting and importing them so nothing happens. But if the key type does not come native , import began his conversion to Maya key type and that triggers Key Reduction. This is an opinion on this whole situation .


A few words about FBX import in Maya
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