I think most of Maya users know Comet’s PoseReader. For those of you not familiar with this tool, the description can be found at the author’s website – http://www.comet-cartoons.com / maya.html

I have ported to MotionBuilder only PoseReader plugin, It was useful for me for creating advanced rigs.

The plugin is designed as a node for Relation constraint, all incoming and outgoing parameters have similar values with the original plug PoseReader. The only difference is how to set the transformation matrix for objects. In Maya it was two parameters: matrix live in, matrix pose in. In MoBu node has the input parameters for translation live in, rotation live in, translation pose in, rotation pose in.

Pose In – object which will be read posture, which is the most certain Null object that simulates PoseReader node in Maya. This node is used to specify the coordinate system, in which plugin will read rotation axis of the Live object

Live In – the object to be extracted rotation.

Here’s a hint for the plugin – in channels translation I give local value, and rotation – global.



supported MoBu 2013 (64bit), 2010 (32bit)

Source code is in MCL (Motion Code Library)


20.09.12 – first poseReader release in MoBu

Comet’s PoseReader for MoBu (with Source code)
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4 thoughts on “Comet’s PoseReader for MoBu (with Source code)

  • Monday October 1st, 2012 at 12:45 PM

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this.
    Extremely cool and useful to use pose reader setups in both Maya and MoBu!

    You rock! :)

  • Monday October 1st, 2012 at 01:30 PM

    Hi Jasper, thank you for the feedback!
    About the Maya and MoBu bridge… Ideally it would be good to have a system, which can repeat Maya’s mathematical expression in MoBu’s relation constraint… Currently, I’m doing all this mostly manually.

  • Monday September 16th, 2013 at 09:58 PM

    Awesome Neill!
    Just what the doctor ordered…looking forward to checking it out!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Monday September 16th, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    Thanks Jason for feedback, you are welcome!

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