some tips on the usage of APEX in the UDK

  1. APEX 1.1 is only supported starting with the March 2012 version of the UDK
  2. *. apx of a selected mesh from the Maya\Max is exporting clothing properties and collision bodies. You should know that only the skinned joints to the mesh are exporting as a collision bodies.
  3. MaxDistaince – this is not a parameter from 0 to 1, the value is in the world units like allowable range of clothes for the vertices from the position of the bone. It is convenient in the fast movements to use Notify MaxDistance, which will make the transition between full simulation and skinned cloth mesh movement.
  4. There is no possibility to combine material from APEX and tessellation.
  5. For a smooth and stable simulation can be useful APEX flag Alow Adaptive Target Frequency in the properties of nodes in the APEX UDK.
  6. If you see some black areas on a cloth mesh, try to set Recompute Normals flag in the APEX node.
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