A little more about the properties in the MoBu:

  1. It is convenient to register a property for internal use by FBPropertyInit, it’s a macro;
  2. It is convenient to register a property for external display in the system by FBPropertyPublish, it’s a macro too.

MoBu has revealed serious problems (crash) if you follow a strict scheme when in the class for each property you are matching a variable. When the property passes the variable value and takes the value of a variable. This option is often the cause of departure with an error, especially when working with strings (FBString) and time (FBTime).

It is better to leave the storage variable in properties, ie simply ignore the submission of their handlers to receive / retrieve values. For example:

FBPropertyPublish (this, Prop, "Prop", NULL, NULL);

At least it will make your plugin more stable.

A little bit more about properties
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