I have noticed a feature when exporting UVW Mapping modifier in 3dsMax. I’m exporting the projection matrix of a planar map from the modifier to my engine (where I repeat the texture projection as in 3dsMax). If only one modifier in object stack, everything works perfectly. But if you add another modifier UVW Mapping and export projection matrix from it, get some glitch. Out of this situation – to duplicate (copy / paste) the first UVW Mapping modifier instead of adding a new one. In this case, the transformation matrix is working properly.

In addition a little talk about the transformation of the modifier UVWMapping. Conversion is performed using a gizmo – it’s such a special element of transformation in the sub-level to position the texture projection, for example, to position a planar texture projection plane.

Gizmo is given by the position vector, rotation quaternion and scaling vector.

Uvwmap.Gizmo.position Point3
Uvwmap.Gizmo.rotation Quat
Uvwmap.Gizmo.scale Point3

From these data It’s easy to build a projection matrix.

3dsMax UVWMapping and gizmo transformation
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