I want to remind you some usefull tricks in 3dsMax:


schematic view

In the tutor script collection you can find some schematic tools – Macro_SchematicViewTools.mcr


There is some macro command – project into schematic view. This can make a skelet navigator like character control in motion builder.



the best solution of this kind of rig is doing by dummies and constraints. There is some tutorial by Pen about splineIK.

easy, multiply curves

Using this you can add some timewrap effect to the animated curves.


parameter collector

You have to controlanimated tracks through this special dialogue, perhaps it’s a very convenient and useful thing. Allows you to manage keys without TrackView, for complex scenes, this means working with the keys without coffee brakes doing each operation :)


So, don’t foget about this thing!

soft IK, without ik poping

This thing can be writing using script controller.


Example scene you can get here – ikpoping

trackView -> Maya Outliner

3dsMax trackView can be converted to the style of the maya’s outliner using context menu. Just switch off Key window in the showing UI Elements group


moving skelet with already attached mesh under skin modifier

for this you need to turn off the Skin, change the position of the bones and then turn back Skin. Then disable the option “Always Deform” and switch it on. Now the model will take its original pose, and the bones offsets will be recalculated.

3dsMax tips and tricks
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